SmIG - Smart Inundation Gauge

In Australia, close to 50% of all flood fatalities and 31% of flash flood fatalities are vehicle related. In fast flowing floodwater (3m/sec) it can take only 15cm of floodwater for a small passenger vehicle to become unstable and forced from the road.
Prospect Environmental are helping keep our roads safe with their new technologies. They need to ensure those at risk have the right information before they even start their journey. They needed a visual style that suited the elegance and complexity of their tech.
- Styleframes -

Client: SmIG - Smart Inundation Gauge
Production Company: Explanimate!
Creative Director: Travis Hunt
Producer & Scriptwriter: David Owen
Storyboard: Piotr Ciereszyński
Design: Piotr Ciereszyński
Animation: Piotr Ciereszyński
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