Piotr Ciereszynski showreel 2016
Here are samples of my work from the end of 2015 and from 2016 which I made when I was on Bali. Hope you like and if you do please show it through comments and likes :)
Vintage cartoon walk cycle
I wanted to create vintage look cartoon. I think I got it :)
AliBoomBoom promo video
Video made for AliBoomBoom mobile game where one part of players try to detonate bombs and others try to defuse them and stop explosion.
Tomcat Brothers animation
I wanted to animate one of Tomcat Brothers illustrations because I love the idea of graffiti cat friend.
Flat design animation
I made this video to test my skills and workflow having only one day.
Space Junk Food
Private work. Animated illustration.
SimpleFX explainer video
Animation & illustrations: Piotr Ciereszynski Sound: SQMStudio Client: SQMStudio
Merry Christmas and let the Force be with you!
I made this gif with my lovely wife Marianna:) Thank you hunny :* We wish you Marry Christmas and Happy 2016 Year!
PKP CARGO - exaplainer videos
animation, illustration: Piotr Ciereszyński sound: SQM Studio client: SQM Studio
Small infographic using line art motion design.
Active Mobi explainer video
Design, story and animation - Piotr Ciereszyński
Robot walk and run cycle
Walk and run cycle with transition between those cycles.
iHouse Agent explainer video
Animation made with colaboration with Studio Pigeon - www.studiopigeon.pl
My Showreel 2014
Illustration and Animation showreel of my work from 2014.
Cloudshipping explainer video
Animation made with colaboration with Studio Pigeon - www.studiopigeon.pl
CUDO.CO explainer video
Explainer video for cudo.co. Illustrations done in Illustrator and animated in After Effects.
"Oak Leg Smith"
Bachelor's degree project on Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology Story - Piotr Ciereszyński Animation - Piotr Ciereszyński Illustrations - Piotr Ciereszyński music - Butterfly Tea, Celestial Aeon Project, Marc Teichert sound FX - freesound.com muse - Marianna Sviderska art support - dr Joanna Polak Faculty of New Media Art Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology Warsaw 2014
Animation Samples (constantly updated)
Test zone with my animations.
Oak Leg Smith Legend
My first animation made with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.
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